Plant Photography

We have a diverse collection of professional plant photography available for use by those using our Print Systems.   

ColorTree requires a digital image, preferably in JPG format with a resolution of 300 DPI or higher.   You can use photography from a digital camera, scanned slide images, or from whatever other source that you may have that can be saved as a JPG file.    The integration is seamless if you use our photography, but easily configurable if you prefer to use your own.

Photography is sold under 2 types of licenses:  "Retail use" or "Commercial use".     Please make sure that you understand the differences between the two before attempting to purchase:

"Retail Use":  Under current U.S. copyright law, our photos can be used for "internal identification" purposes (such as Bed Signs, Banners, Posters, Bench Cards, etc.) without any additional royalty to the owner other than the original purchase price.

"Commercial Use":  If you attach the photo or in any way include it with your final saleable product, then you are "commercializing" the photo (enhancing the value of your product by inclusion of the photo with your product) and fall under a different set of copyright laws and regulations.    When the photo is included as a Tag, Label, Mini-booklet, or similar, then the owner of the photography is entitled to royalties for commercial use of the photo.   We have simplified this to a one-time royalty that covers unlimited usage for the purpose of Signs, Tags & Labels.   Commercial use rights DO NOT include usage in magazines, books, internet web sites, or any similar nationally distributed document. Such use violates the agreement, the intellectual property rights of the owner and is illegal.   

Legal Use: We employ all available measures to monitor and enforce lawful use of photos.   Please contact if you have questions regarding compliance.

Like our famous "Why Buy?" plant descriptions, our photographers are careful to capture the pure essence of the plant, from a "marketing" viewpoint,  not a "scientific" or "educational" approach.   The photo is realistic and the descriptions are tantalizing.  The photos are well composed and balanced, and your ColorTree print system will help you sell more product with brilliant, life-like colors. 

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