Color-Tree is all new and redesigned, using Microsoft’s .NET and SQL Server platforms.  

Color-Tree is an all-inclusive labeling package that handles individual product labels, tags, or signs with style & elegance:   Color-Tree contains Plant Data, Plant Photos, and Label Templates, all embedded into one simple program!   Plant Data and more than 18,000 professional, high resolution, plant photos for 8000+ common varieties are included in the base program.   Twelve add-on libraries of unique and specialty plants give Color-Tree a total scope of over 18,000 varieties and 36,000 photos!  You can also add your own products, download your own photos and you can print any label, for any product; green goods or hard goods!   You simply pick the ones you want to use, choose the template that suites your taste and print.   Retailers and Growers alike find the program fast, simple and extremely effective at enhancing their market presence. 

Color-Tree is very flexible & scalable so that it works well at the local, single user level, or can be deployed over a LAN or WAN with our SQL Server backend tools.   Whether you are a small garden center, large wholesale grower or enterprise with multiple outlets, Color-Tree can manage your data and enhance your marketing endeavors. 



· All inclusive program: includes the photos, the templates, and all plant related data: all you have to provide are those data fields that are unique to you, such as your sales price, size, UPC code, etc.   The program is designed specifically for printing on demand marketing materials for outdoor use.  When used with our color laser printers, it is a Total Solution.

· Over 70 unique printable fields can be tied to every product, giving you very precise and detailed marketing materials: 
Botanical Name | Common Name | Alias Names | Genus | Species | Cultivar | Exposure | Growth Rate | Water Needs | Bloom Time | Pruning | Fertilization | Planting | Mature Size | Hardiness |  Spacing | TagLine | Why Buy Description |  Alternate Description | 4 Bullet Points | 10 User-Defined Fields | Grade Size | Net Contents | Form | SKU Num | UPC | Barcode 2 | Brand Logo | Source |  Mfr/Producer | Customer Name or Logo | Retail Price | Label Price | Special Price

· Features unlimited photo association with each product and up to 4 photos can be printed for each item on the label.


· Better:   Develop a consistent, unique & personalized look throughout your entire marketing program by bringing production of those materials in house, on-demand.  Your signs, tags, labels, business cards, banners, flyers & posters can all echo the same message, with your logo, color scheme and unique style.  

· Faster:   Print what you need, only what you need, when you need it, just in time.   Time is money!  No more 4-12 week lead times from those ‘horticultural print houses’!  You can have how ever many you want, when you want them, and how you want them to look.

· Cheaper:  You can print, just-in-time and save lots of money!  Eliminates waste and warehousing.  No obsolescence, no throw-away tags.   Everything is stored digitally instead of physically, saving you mega-bucks!

Price Grid: 

Color-Tree DV:   Designer Version:  Includes Color-Tree, NiceLabel Pro (requires higher PC skills), 16,000+ photos of trees, shrubs, annuals & perennials. Program is chocked full of easy-to-use,  professional looking Templates.  You can print your data, with your logo, through any of the embedded templates, modify them, or create your own templates from scratch!    Full design capability.   (Requires higher PC skills)    

Includes everything but the laser printer!


Requirements:  Current model PC running Win XP or higher with current updates & releases | 2GHz or faster processor | 1GB or more RAM | At least one free USB port | Ethernet connectivity to printer recommended |  Internet connection recommended.

Maintenance is included in purchase price through Jan 1, of next calendar year.   Supplemental years are 10% of the current license fees. 
Maintenance includes Tech Support, free program updates within the version, and free database and photo updates as available. 

REGARDING PHOTOS: U.S. Copyright Laws force us to handle charges on “Intellectual Property” in two manners,

depending on how you use them; either for internal identification or for individual product labeling.

INTERNAL IDENTIFICATION:  (retail garden center or greenhouse selling locally) Photos used exclusively for the purpose of internal identification in the form of a Sign to identify a product batch, but are NOT attached to or included with the individual products are exempt from individual royalty fees. Basically, if you are a Retail establishment and you want to print display signs, you need nothing more. The library and full rights are included in Color-Tree PO & DV.

INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT LABELING:(wholesale grower shipping across state lines) Photos that are affixed, attached, hanging from or in any other manner included with the salable product are under the “commercial use” clause of the copyright law and are subject to royalties. We have tried to make it as simple as economical as possible: $10/each for the first 100, $9 each thereafter, 100 minimum.

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