GrowTech Solutions is a provider of Technology Products to the Horticulture industry.    We specialize in Color Laser Printing Systems, whereby we enable you to print your own Signs, Tags, Labels, and Banners on-demand; as few or as many as you need.   On-Demand printing puts power and control of much of your marketing materials back in your hands.   Instead of waiting 4-6 weeks for your printing company to get your materials to you, you can make your own, Better, Faster & Cheaper!   We are a ‘Total Solution Provider’,  supplying everything you need to be successful:  the Hardware (printers), Software (specialized labeling software) and Supplies (printing stocks, consumables & accessories).   By purchasing a total solution from us, you can rest assured that your system will function and perform as advertized:  Color printing, on weather-durable plastics, excellent print quality and long-lasting outdoor durability!   Print what you want, when you want it!   You’ll call the shots and you’ll lower the cost!

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